Z for Zeal

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With $50 in his pocket, Dustin Hoffman headed to New York, hoping to find work as an actor. Inexperienced and unknown, Hoffman struggled to find employment. Acting gigs were not paying his bills, so he worked an assortment of odd jobs to stay afloat, including typing for the Yellow Pages, stringing together Hawaiian leis, and checking coats at a local theater.

Undaunted by sparse opportunities, Hoffman clung to his passion. He took whatever acting jobs would come his way, always hoping to be discovered. Each time he acted, even in humble roles, he added to his experience and fanned the flame of his passion.
Hoffman’s passion stayed sharp because of the company he kept. Two of his best friends were fellow “starving artists,” also trying to make a break as actors. Their names? Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall. Together, Hoffman, Duvall, and Hackman supported one another, validated each other’s dreams, and shared the ups and downs of life as aspiring actors.

Acting was the common passion that all three of them shared. As a result, their relationship grew much stronger. Despite the struggles they had to go through, it was their zeal for acting that kept them together and kept them going forward. People often tend to distance themselves when they don’t share a common passion.


Take any two people who share a strong relationship with each other and you will find that both of them share a common passion; something that they are both zealous about. It is often what cements that relationship.

Everyone has a dream; something that they are passionate about; something that drives them from within. The truth is that some pursue it whilst others give it up. In order for us to develop a strong relationship with any one, the key is in finding what their dreams/passions are and being able to relate to it. When we find it, we enter their heart. The more we help them pursue their dreams and visions, the deeper we take the relationship.

You can know a lot about a person and still not understand him. More information isn’t always the answer. To really understand people, you must know what they want, and that requires you to go beyond the head and consider the heart.

Take Away Principle: In order for us to develop a strong relationship with anyone, the key is in finding what their dreams/passions are and being able to relate to it. The more we help them pursue their dreams and visions, the deeper we take the relationship.

Tips on finding a person’s zeal:
1.      Accept that people are different and may not share the same passions as we do.
2.      Ask good questions. What makes them happy? What makes them sad? What gets them excited?
3.      Don't make assumptions about people based on their background, profession, race, or gender.

4.      Be genuinely interested in them and support them if you relate to their passions.

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  1. Unlocking someone's zeal, understanding them and not making assumptions. Cheering them on from the sidelines. Sounds like an A-Z challenge to me. Congrats fellow survivor and Z word sharer!

  2. Hey Congratulations !
    We have survived the challenge and I also wrote on ZEAL .

  3. That was a smashing finish to the challenge ! Love your post today, and it all comes down to respect and understanding - also that we have different goals, dreams and perspectives. It has been very rewarding, fun and interesting to follow your theme throughout the challenge Danny! So happy to connect with you and will pop by also in our post- atoz life:-) Congrats on completing the challenge!!

  4. Z for Zeal - Nice way to end the series on a high note...Congratulations on surviving the challenge :-)...

  5. Hi Five. I did Z for Zeal too. Congratulations on completing the challenge :)

  6. That's a beautiful take-away, today! Thanks for sharing and inspiring Danny!
    And yes, congratulations for acing this challenge and that too in style. Loved your entire series. In fact, you should compile it in a e-book format! Cheers :)

  7. A very good post to end this series with, Danny! Congratulations for successfully completing the challenge. I have enjoyed reading your posts. And hope to keep checking back here in the coming months too :)

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  8. Lovely read.... Zeal is something that is very vital! Congrats for surviving the challenge!

  9. All posts have been really helpful in understanding relationships better . I loved your take away tips :)

    Congrats on completing the challenge successfully :) Glad to have met fellow dentist , writer and A-Z Survivor :)

  10. Wow, Zeal :) Finding out what the other person is zealous about, is a sure way to start a relationship positively :) Loved your takeaways !
    You've been a solid contributor to the A to Z, Danny, with your crisp, entertaining and thought provoking posts. So much of soul-enrichment happened here. Get your e-book ready :)
    Congrats, Danny , on surviving the challenge !

  11. Loved your take away principle. Not only do we deepen the relationship but we also move towards our own dreams - using the principle of what you give out you get back. Congrats on completing the challenge. Enjoyed your posts.

  12. That is probably why we bloggers become so close and bond in our mission to create and write. I have enjoyed all of your posts so much this month and have gained so much from each one. Congratulations on completing the challenge! ♥


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