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While playing with my friends as a child, before any game, we would choose captains and they had to in turn choose us to be players on their teams. They would select the best players first and go in that order of who was a better player. I was never good at outdoor games and so inevitably I would normally be the last player to be picked on any team.

Why was it that the team captains always picked the best players onto their teams? Simply because they hoped that those players would play very well and that would help them win the game.

Isn't it true that when we enter into a relationship with someone, we expect the best from them? We hope that the doctor who’s treating us would give us his very best. We hope that the shopkeeper we’re dealing with gives us his best product. We hope that the other person in the relationship offers us their very best so that we, and in turn they would be successful.

What about us?  Do we give our best? The question I believe we need to be asking ourselves is, “Do I offer my very best into the relationship?”

Offering our very best communicates our whole hearted commitment to that relationship. It also shows how much we value, love and cherish them. An average relationship becomes the best when we decide to stop giving average efforts and give our best.  

Former UCLA Coach John Wooden once said “Make every day your masterpiece. If we give our best all the time, we can make our lives into something special and that will overflow into the life of others.”  

Take Away Principle: An average relationship can become the best when we start offering our very best into it.

Tips on offering:
1.      Have a mindset to offer the very best. Giving our very best starts with our attitude.
2.      Stop doing the minimum to get by and do all that you can. Always ask yourself the question, “Is this the best I can do?”
3.      Give what you can. Don't get emotional and go overboard like for example while buying something for the person; don’t get something you can't afford. Be rational.
4.      Go with them the second mile. Don't just do what’s required but offer to do more.

5.      Ask the question, “What can I do for them such that they can’t repay me for it?” and do it.

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  1. This is a great tip you offer here - to offer our best to every relationship we have. Thank you!

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  2. This was my favourite line: Giving our very best starts with our attitude.

    How we present ourselves will determine what we get back. Loved this, Danny.

  3. Lovely offer, Danny :)
    Life becomes beautiful when we give the best we can, doesn't it ? Exploring ourselves every time we offer something, can actually help us discover more of ourselves. We become better in the long run, and the overall quality of our life increases. From that perspective, offering the best is a journey towards self discovery and improvement !!
    Alle ? :)

  4. I made a shift a while ago. When I am in the office, I am courteous, always willing to help - and offer first to do so. I am polite and always willing to go the extra mile. When I got home, I would be exhausted and not be the same way as I was in the office. That's not fair, of course. They should receive the BEST I have. They are my family, and I love them. That's to be upheld in the highest regard. So now, I don't give all of my best at work. I save it for my family too!

  5. Wow, I love the new look of your blog. It looks very WordPress like. About the topic, so very true, Danny. In this race to attain more and more, giving takes a backseat.

  6. I agree we should always offer our best to any relationship or activity we get involved in. If we can't offer our best, we should not enter into that relationship or activity.

    Excellent tips. However, I'm not sure about the 5th tip: "Ask the question, “What can I do for them such that they can’t repay me for it?” and do it." I believe the thought of repaying should never enter into a personal relationship. Each partner should try to do their best for the other. If I've misinterpreted the tip, please do correct me.

  7. Very meaningful write up. The tips are very practical and useful.

  8. I have tried to live by this rule for many years. I have instilled it into my children. It no longer even requires thought as it is natural to go the second mile, do what is not expected of you and enjoy giving more than receiving in every area of your life. Thank you for saying it so beautifully.

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  9. Yes, to offer more and to demand and expect less! Great read - enjoyed you post today also Danny:-)


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