I for Integrity

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Integrity is not a very pretty word. It’s not pretty because quite often we've had to compromise.  That has led to broken relationships.

Integrity is the foundation for every relationship that we're ever going to have in life. It’s the foundation for marriage. It’s the foundation for a good business relationship. It’s the foundation that makes you a good neighbor. Integrity is the key.


Dr. John C. Maxwell puts it this way, “Integrity has the power to build trust. Trust is what fuels a relationship.”

I learnt this the hard way in the earlier years of my marriage. My wife loves to go out and visit places. It could be a vacation that comes up or even on the weekends. She would come up with the idea of a vacation and we would actually plan where we want to go. But when the time arrived, there would be other things that would have come up and eventually I would be forced to cancel our trips. She would get disappointed.
This cycle continued till she reached a point where she would say, “I can't trust you with your promises.” That hit me quite hard. I realized that I never kept my word. That day I took the decision never to make empty promises and if I did make a promise, I make sure I did what I said.

Integrity is the foundation of relationships. It is the foundation upon which many other qualities are built, such as respect, dignity, and trust. It helps us to make the right decisions and gives us a sense of direction.

Take Away Principle: 

Integrity is the foundation of relationships. It helps build trust, respect and dignity.

Tips on being a person of integrity:

1. Be willing to pay a price. Keeping your word/integrity may cost you at times. Don't go cheap.
2. Be willing to feel inconvenient. Often integrity may cause a lot of inconvenience forcing us out of our comfort zones.
3. Be willing to face rejection. Integrity isn't very popular. Often standing up for the right thing can cause others to look down on you. 

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  1. Well stated! Our integrity is something to be prized.

  2. Wow ! This is an entirely different post from the rest of the I posts, because most of us have spoken about innocence, or inspiration or ignorance !! As usual, you make the whole concept simple to understand and easy to read. Loved the way you quoted from personal experience, Danny. I'm reminded of what I learnt back as a child, ' Integrity is what you do and how you are , when you know you're not watched'. :)

  3. Be a man/ woman of your word. That's HUGE. If I ever offer help, or an ear, I'm there, all in no matter how I'm feeling. It's important to hold your integrity as a prize to be sure and I think this goes hand in hand with authenticity. I think if you have little integrity, you can forget authenticity. Ain't happenin'. The other person won't feel it.

    GREAT post (and way to be honest about cancelling trips - my husband hasn't done this yet, but his job could go that route. He is DEFINITELY a man of his word and that's what I love about him the most.)

  4. Well written post!!

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  5. Well said!! Wow..

  6. Very well stated and I appreciated the honesty. That is the first and biggest step.

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  7. Integrity is absolutely essential. However, it is not easy to be a person of integrity. Your 3 tips say it all!

  8. I love this post. My son wins the award for integrity at his school every year. Reading this made me even more proud of the little man he is becoming.

  9. Very true....it's not so easy to stand by our words but if we do we win over people . But if we don not stand with our words then a time comes when even the most closest of people do not take us seriously any more . Whatever we say they won't believe .

    A very imp. " I " word ...we mostly forget but should always hold on to :)

  10. A beautiful post which is so true. I is the recipe behind any endeavour, be it relationships, professional ties or biz to be a roaring success. Thanks for the tips at the end of the post:)

  11. Very well written and the personal touch of ur post is really nice.


  12. Clear, precise and using personal example - perfect way to explain a complex topic. Well done!

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  13. Integrity is the only virtue in life which can take you to any number of places and people will welcome you.

  14. True.Integrety is the base of any relationship


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