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Director Frank Darabont of the film, “The Green Mile” talks about how Academy Award winner Tom Hanks helped Michael Duncan to achieve his best- 
“Fifteen, twenty years from now what I will remember about filming the Green Mile;  it was one thing and I will never forget this: As we were shooting, the camera is on Michael Duncan first, I realized I was getting distracted by Hanks. He was delivering an academy award winning performance off the camera for Michael Duncan; to give him every possible thing he needs or can use to deliver the best possible performance. He wanted Michael to do so well and look so good. I will never forget that.”

In 1999, Michael Clarke Duncan was nominated for an academy award as Best Actor in a supporting role category. Thus kick-started his career and so did their relationship.
At Michael Clarke’s funeral in 2012, Tom Hanks was one of the first stars to pay tribute to him. He said, “'He was magic. He was a big love of man, and his passing leaves us stunned.”

Tom Hanks like so many other actors could have been the first to bail out on Duncan. Instead he offered to help and it obviously paid off. Tom Hanks added immense value to Duncan thereby enabling him to become successful. They shared a close relationship.


When people think about us, do they say to themselves, "My life is better because of that person"?  Their response probably answers the question of whether we are adding value to them.  

Many people end up being discouraged and dissatisfied because they haven’t been able to achieve their dreams yet. When we enter with the mindset of adding value to them and help them achieve their dreams, the relationship that we have with that individual goes to a higher level.

When we add value to someone, we make their lives more valuable. It elevates them from where they are and the more higher they go, the higher we go.

Zig Ziglar says, "You can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want." 

When we approach any individual with the mindset of adding value to them in whatever way we can, not only do they become successful but so do we. Adding value is always a win-win situation.

Take Away Principle: 
Adding value is a win-win situation. When we add value to someone, we make their lives more valuable hence making our relationship more valuable.

Tips on adding value:
1. Make yourself more valuable. You can only make them valuable if you’re valuable.
2. Find out what they value you for and work on making it better.
3. Sincerely listen to them. Ask the question: what’s their dream and help them achieve it.
4. Accompany them on their journey and in turn they will accompany you.

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  1. A very valuable advice. The tip." Make yourself more valuable. You can only make them valuable if you’re valuable." Liked reading it. -

  2. And how we show people that value is entirely up to us. What a heartwarming post, Danny. I especially liked that anecdote about Hanks and Duncan. Made me tear up a bit.

    ~Shailaja's 'V' post

  3. I loved that film:-) Love how you tie your theme up - And you V is the best V I have seen in a long time:-) Not feeling Valuable is the worst .. and how to build yourself up - inspirational post today Danny:-)

  4. Wow! Ton Hanks and Michael Duncan story is so inspiring!!
    A big thanks to YOU for adding value yesterday for my W post!! Appreciate it a lot :)

  5. Lovely post!
    An ideal example of 'Adding Value' is Mike Brearley, the former captain of the England cricket team. It is believed that he was selected not for his cricketing skills (he was an above average batsman), but for his great captaincy!

  6. Lovely tip about Value and the movie's correlation with the topic was brilliant. I loved it

    ~S(t)ri Writes

  7. One of the best measures of a good leader is the value he adds to him fellow beings, who choose to emulate and follow him. The anecdote is so inspiring :) The whole concept of value addition is in synergy ; the total being more than the sum total of the individual components, because while working together, we add value to others, who in turn add value to us ,and together we achieve more !

    Any idea how much value YOU are adding to us, Doc ? Immense !
    Loving every edition !!

  8. One of my favourite movies...and Michael Duncan was an amazing actor.

    Lovely post, as always, Danny. I am really looking forward to reblogging some of your stuff once the A to Z Challenge is done!

  9. It was a wonderful film and they both were so good - Hanks and Duncan. I like how you use the example of actors supporting each other to make an important point of how each of us can help bring out the best in the other person through a meaningful collaboration. A valuable post!

  10. Value added is what makes us grow in life and achieve greatness. You have added value to my outlook through this post.

  11. I absolutely love the story you shared and what a great principle to live life by! ♥

  12. It was a great film. I love how you tied it into your A to Z theme--very clever. I am now your newest A to Z follower, and it's nice to 'meet' you.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com


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