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I want to start to with just one word from last month...WOW! It has been one of the most eventful months in my life as a blogger! I smile at myself with a little pat on the back as I look back and realize that I’ve been able to join all those who finished the race from the A-Z of posting everyday while managing to comment on every other blog!

If you've been a regular here, you would know that I am not a regular blogger. I think I have managed to maintain around 9 posts in a year since the past 3 years. Never once did I think I would be able to write everyday for a whole month that too at a single stretch!

When I heard about this challenge for the first time, there was something inside me that made me want to take it up. It came almost immediately to write on relationships as that was something I had been learning to build in my own life.

The Challenges I had to face in the A-Z Challenge:

The question of writing 26 posts alone was a major challenge. I had never written more than 9 posts in a year; this was almost close to impossible!

When I first started in on the challenge, I had decided to start writing it a month before so that I wouldn't have to face the pressure of writing every day. So I listed out 26 values I had to write on.

With the huge number of patients in the clinic and the laughter and the cries of my precious new born at home, I conveniently kept postponing writing out the posts for each value. This kept happening till the last week of March. Then reality hit me! I scrambled for time as I managed to finish writing A-C by the first week of April!

I couldn't write at home so I squeezed time in the clinic to finish writing for that first week and then the next thing I know: my laptop decided to dump me after 6 long years of being together! Apparently the monitor and the motherboard had died! With it my hopes of writing in the clinic were also gone. It was then I came so close to deciding I was going to quit.

But then the old adage: ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ was definitely imminent in me. I decided to write in the early morning hours when everyone was asleep.

By this time, I had already reached on writing the required post of the day. There were days when I thought I wouldn't be able to write anything at all. But I managed to write a single post everyday in the month of April. I managed to help my wife look after my son too!

I want to take this time to thank everyone who’s been involved! 

A big one goes to my wife, Anu! In midst of everything, she would take time to read every single blog and make edits as and when necessary before posting.

My sister: Hilda who made this whole blog possible. Sitting through all the codes, finding the right pictures for the content; she’s the one responsible for the whole new look of the blog as well!

My good friend: Maya, who sat through reading every single post editing the grammatical errors right through.

Thank you to all the organizers on the A-Z team... This must have been the month in which not only did I write but also read quite a lot! Reading is so crucial to writing!

Finally, a big thank YOU! It was you who read all the posts and left such encouraging comments. Some of those comments truly made my day! Note: I still haven’t been able to reply to all of those, I will be doing so in the coming weeks!

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  1. Congratulations once again for successfully completing the challenge! I enjoyed reading your value-able posts. Thanks for the kind mention :)

  2. Congratulations once again for successfully completing the challenge! I enjoyed reading your value-able posts. Thanks for the kind mention :)

  3. What an incredible feat to go from not even one post a month to one a day! You should be PROUD. I am glad you finished because if you hadn't we probably would not have connected and I am so glad we did! I hope you will continue blogging -- how about once a week? Thank you for the mention, for sharing what was going on in your life and the support you received. I need to borrow your sister, Hilda, for a month or so :). You are a blessed man!

  4. Salutes, Doc :)
    I know how difficult it must have been , with all the activities that take up your time. Most importantly, you have a clinic to manage, your patients who 're your primary professional responsibility, and the little champion at home, who will make sure that he gets every bit of your time while you're at home. Despite all this, you've managed to pull it off wonderfully, and enrich our reading in the process :) :)
    Special thanks to Anu, too :)
    Btw, forget the idea of '9 posts' per year hereafter ;) We aren't going to leave you like that :D :D You'll have to keep writing , Doc :) This is our
    prescription for you to follow :D :D
    Hoping to read more from you :)

  5. And yes, the blog has a wonderful, pleasing look :) Hilda, you're brilliant, girl :)
    And thanks, for the special mention :)

  6. Congratulations on completing the challenge.

    What an achievement to go from such sporadic posting to managing to post every day. Well done! :-)

  7. Hello there.
    Thanks for sharing. Just stopping by to congratulate you on completing the A-Z Challenge! You should give yourself a big pat on the back! I'm making a short pit stop from the A-Z Road Trip!

    Entrepreneurial Goddess


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