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Well, it's that time of the year for a guest post! 
Smartphones are the thing these days. And what's essential along with a smartphone is a good phone plan. We are always looking for that extra discount; be it talk time or an internet plan. One of our readers, Sage Harman requested to put this article up regarding mobile plans. And since a lot of us are into smartphones and always looking forward to the best plans, it sounded like a good idea. She offers us a good number of tips on saving money when it comes to various mobile plans. 
So I want to turn over this post to our guest author,

"A lot of us just don't pay close attention to our cell phone bills when really, we should. 

We could easily save money and cut down our bills with a little research and effort on our part. Here are some tips on how to save money on your cell phone bill -

1. Don't use your mobile phone for 4-1-1 (information) calls, toll-free calls, roadside assistance, horoscope texts, ringtone downloads, basically any extra service that you don't immediately need. These may seem small charges by itself but when added together inflate your bill more than you expect possible. You can use your landline for toll-free calls. You can Google all sorts of information, like your horoscope; and download ringtones from your home or office internet and chances are, roadside assistance is already included in your auto insurance plan.

2. Save some of your minutes by making free calls via Viber or Skype when you can. Also, it wouldn't hurt to track your talk time and make adjustments accordingly. If it looks like you're going over your minutes, make your local calls from your home telephone.

3. Watch your data usage. Use free wi-fi when you can. If you have limited mobile data plan, make sure you turn your data connection off and use it only when you need it.

4. Ask for a discount. Some companies, as incentives get their workers discounts. Seniors, students, government employees and teachers, may also be eligible for certain discounts. So, go ask. There's no reason not to.

5. You may get additional discounts if you bundle your phone, cable and internet services into one provider.

6. The same is true for family plans. You may save a lot if you get your family on one plan.

7. Pick a plan tailored to meet your needs. Do you text a lot? Go with the unlimited text plan. Are you often left with lots of unused time on your phone? Choose a plan that will let you carry over unused minutes from a previous month to the next. Do you only make local calls? Then look for a local-only plan.

8. And finally, save more with a prepaid plan. If you don't want to get tied up with a two-year contract and a bunch of fees - pre-termination fee, miscellaneous surcharges and what have you, go with a no-contract plan. Compare plans and find the no-contract plan that best fits your budget at ( Get free information on various popular no-contract plans, specs, reviews, pros and cons all in one place."

Sage Harman is a housewife. She runs the website, a site dedicated to providing free information to consumers trying to find viable no-contract service plans. She may be contacted via

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