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Well! Thank my friend and blogger Roshan for giving this award to me. They say you are supposed to say 7 things about yourself and then nominate this award to someone else. I know this has taken a long time but like they say, "Better late than never!"

Some one has said you can divide your everyday life into 4 areas and if you spend adequate time in each you will have a comfortable life.

They are work, worship, play and love. 

  • Work is your daily job.
  • Worship is your faith. 
  • Play is your recreation time. 
  • Love is your family. 
While I do try to balance all 4 although I must admit, I do fall short at times. But I do believe to live a healthy life you have to have healthy balance of all 4!

Here goes 7 things about me:

  1. Introvert: Probably this is not something many might say about me although the truth is I am one. I am not really the out going types. Give me a book to read, a computer with internet...I would sit at home the whole day!

  2. Work: I am a dentist by profession and have my own clinic. My wife says that I am a workaholic. I do admit, at work I love to work! There have been times when I was to come home early from work but then patients would turn up and I would stay till I was finished with every one of them. I remember some one once saying,"If you enjoy what you do, then you would never have to work a single day in your life again.

  3. Worship: Some people say that work is worship, I say that's not true. If you do not have time to connect with your creator and yourself then over time you would wear out. I am a Christian by faith. Yes, I believe in God and Jesus. And this is also where I do spend a varsity time in. Serving at my local church. Spending time with people, learning more about God; there's nothing like it! This is one of my passions!

  4. Play: I love games! I must admit here that I am not an out door games person! I love indoor games although I also do enjoy watching outdoor games too! Earlier I used to play board games and even table tennis and badminton, then shifted to compute games. I don't spend too much time these days. Now its Android games and spend time trying to crack the high score on text twist!

  5. Love: I do spend time in every one of these things but one area that I wouldn't compromise on anything is spending time with my love, my wife. Take away everything but I would reserve time for this. There are days in the week which no one can have but her. We would always make time in must of our busy schedules to go out and have a great time with each other!

  6. Well two more points... I love to read books, still trying to get a handle on Android kindle, not used to reading stuff that's not on paper!

  7. Finally, well I enjoy watching movies. Anything that has a good story line to it.

Nominating time for the award. 

  1. Hilda Simon ~ She is my sister (Lol! That's not the main reason!) my editor, the reason to why this blog site even exists here today! She has done the works! Like to read through her blog, the way she captures life from a totally different angle!

  2. Poonam ~ Met her while flipping through other blogs, reading through her blog encourages me many times!

  3. Bhavana ~ Met her via twitter while she missed her train to Hyderabad! Social worker and an Indian down to the heart!  Her perspective of our Nation is well captured on her blog!

  4. Roshan (dunno if you can give it back!) ~ I have to give this back to you buddy! Well known friend, doc and recently awarded premium blogger from Blogadda! His blogs always gives a reason to smile even through the varsities of life! Thanks to this guy I discovered the blogging community!

  5. Rupert ~ just getting to know him but enjoy the way he uses words on his blog! His views on different aspects of life are amazing!

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  1. And thank u Danny for awarding me.. :) I am so glad my blog encourages you.. sooo glad. Will surely pick it up..

    1. It sure does! Congrats by the way! Keep writing! Its really amazing!

  2. Thanks.. good to read this. Especially loved Point 5.. :)

    1. Thanks again buddy! Yes, siree! Point 5 may be listed as point 5 but that really is on the top of my priority list!

  3. Congrats Danny and good to know more about you. I really liked the way you wrote about you here.:)

    1. Hey Saru thanks a lot! I strongly believe in these values and try to centre it around them!

  4. Congrats Danny . Well deserved . Your facts were interesting . You know what , I am terrified of dentists :) ha ha and ur point on Love was so sweet .

    1. Thanks Jaish! Yeah I know dentists can be terrifying! But you have to go when you have to! Yes, I value love with all my heart!

  5. Thanks Buddy! Its such a fabulous surprise , Thank you again.


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