When Jesus was interrupted.

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Recently, while meditating on the book of Acts, I was reading the story where in Peter and John was on the way to the temple to pray. They were interrupted on the way by a man who had been lame from birth. The whole story can be found in Acts 3:1-10.

What I found interesting was that both of them had stopped to give their attention to the man who had been lying there. They were interrupted on their way to pray. And they used that time not just to do a miracle but also to preach the gospel to others who were standing nearby. They turned the interruption into a tremendous opportunity!

It got me thinking about why Peter and John even gave their attention to that man lying there in the first place. Later it dawned on me, one of the reasons probably why Peter and John had given their attention to him had been because they had seen their leader Jesus do the same so many times.

When we go through the gospels, we see that Jesus never discarded any of the interruptions that came along His way. He always made the best use of those interruptions. In fact, some of the greatest miracles that Jesus had performed were through interruptions He had while doing something else!

William Hendriksen (New Testament Commentary on Luke, p 456) comments on the number of times that Jesus was interrupted and the way in which he responds to such interruptions:-
1.  When speaking to a crowd, Luke 5:17-19
2.  When asleep, Luke 8:22-24
3.  When on his way to perform a healing, Luke 8:43
4.  When conversing with his disciples, Luke 12:11-21
5.  When praying, Mark 1:35-39
6.  When traveling, Mark 10:46-52

Never is Jesus thrown. He doesn't even lose His temper. But He uses each occasion as a golden opportunity for some priceless teaching or wonderful miracle.

God sends certain interruptions into our lives to catch our attention. He knows that we have schedules to keep and work to do, but He wants us to look at Him. He wants our attention on things that are more important. Let's pray and ask Him for the wisdom to discern what He may be trying to say through interruptions.

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