On His Birthday!

5:21:00 PM

It comes this time of the year, every year! It’s that season of sharing and joy! Its Christmas time again!

Memories take me back to when I was a little boy.  The Christmas bells have always rung in my ear. Back then, I always knew that there was something special about this day. I remember asking my mom once what was so special about Christmas. She told me, it’s Jesus' birthday! 

And so it would be, I would wake up every Christmas day as early as I could; I wanted to be the first to wish Jesus on His birthday!  And on waking up, I would whisper in my head, 'Happy Birthday, Jesus!' and snuggle back to sleep in the warmth of my blanket.
As the day went by, everyone else would be up and I would wake up to the tape on the recorder, playing Jingle bells, and Rudolph the reindeer! I knew every line by heart.

Later in the day, my dad often got us a cake; after all what's Christmas without a cake?! I never liked the Christmas cakes back then because they would have brownies, I wanted the white icing cakes! I used to love those!
In the evening, we would go someplace for Christmas celebration for kids. They always had a person dressed as Santa, and every year, we would get some gifts from him too! Being with Santa was usually boring. Coming back home to see what the gifts contained were always exciting! There was always something special about Christmas!

Time has flown by; and it's that time of the year again! It's that season of sharing and joy! There's still something special about Christmas. But it's different today and for the better. There is a new sense of joy. Not for all the cakes or the music or the gifts that come by. The world says its Jesus' birthday and yes, it’s a joy that Jesus came into this world. But there's greater joy in knowing the reason for His coming. Jesus came for me, Jesus came for you.
Christmas carols are still sung but, with a meaning. I still wake up early on Christmas day, and this is what I say,
"Thank you Jesus, for coming into this world. You make my day shine brighter than ever. You are the reason for my well being! Thank you Jesus for Christmas, thank you Jesus for the Cross!"

There's something special about Christmas! He came for me, He came for you.


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  1. Nice one Danny!! Really enjoyed reading this..reminds me of my childhood days...

  2. Yeah u remember the Indian Club Santa n gifts!


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