Do it Right- Giving Respect

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Do it Right- Giving Honor

"You both are dirty fellows! Monkeys!" she exclaimed as she walked past me.

Peak summers are when you get invited to an engagement or wedding almost every other day. Nothing gives you greater joy than to witness of those who are close to you. This engagement was one of those.

I had just finished my lunch and found my place to sit outside with the guests. I noticed her in the midst of the crowd. She was very pretty.

Lovable. Elegant.
Dazzling in her new dress; she brought a smile to everyone who noticed her.
She was laughing and running all around doing bits of mischief. 

As she came near me, she stopped. Looking at me, she exclaimed angrily; something I could not so easily forget, “You both are dirty fellows, monkeys!"

She was my niece and only five years of age.

It was surprising; painful, coming from a five year old. But what really shook me was when I turned around to see who was beside me.

It was my grandfather, her great grandfather.

He sat silently as she continued to walk ahead.

Memories flooded me of my own childhood. I remembered the times how we as kids were taught to respect our grandfather.
All of our cousins, me being the oldest, would spend a lot of time playing outside. After which, the seven to eight of us would come in and watch TV. One day, when our grandfather was about to come into the room (we call him Daddy); one of my cousins whispered quite loudly, “Daddy is coming! Daddy is coming!” And as soon as he entered the room, all of my cousins rose to their feet. Seeing everyone do it, I too rose to my feet. And he left. He was just passing by.
Now I didn't understand why everyone stood up as he entered the room. So I assumed that every time he did, we had to stand up.
Then he passed by the room a second time and I stood up again! He didn't notice me. He left and then came back a third time. I stood up again. This time he noticed me and said, “You needn't rise up every time.” It was not until later that my mom told me that we do it the first time to show respect to him. And it was then I heard that saying for the first time:
"Stand up in the presence of the elderly, and show respect for the aged."

A couple of years later, there was a huge function at one of our friend's place. We were all seated in the main hall at the front. Our grandfather walked in not finding a place to sit. That saying came back to my mind at that time. I immediately stood up and offered my seat to my grandfather. There were whispers at the back, "Who is he? Who is he?" I heard someone say, "That's his eldest grandson."
As I stood there, I felt proud that I could offer my seat to him.

She kept walking away from us. And at a distance, I saw her dad come up from behind. He had been disciplining her for some time now and therefore she was angry. He held her hand and whispered into her ear, " respect for the aged."

She turned around and looked at both of us. Came running and gave my grandfather a hug.

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  1. These are some of the fundamental necessities of life that the Gen-Y do not seem to find as a necessity. What they seem not to understand is the importance it plays in making your character.

    To honor people for what they are is an essential part of a striving social life.

    Pages off Life

    1. HEy Rupertt!
      Nice to see you here after a long while!
      Yeah that's true! We don't see people give respect to the older gen a lot these days! And it is so necessary to do so!

  2. Honor and respect are words heard very few times these days.. Respect for elders which we were taught in value education rarely exists these days.. I am glad you came up with this topic.. Value education I think should be a necessary subject.. Nice post.. Keep writing..

    1. Hey Priya!
      That's true... Somehow respecting and honoring our elders seems to have just moved out of our society.... We need to get back into true values and see future generations take it up!

  3. Sigh. I wonder how much we contribute to the insolence of the new generation. I remember watching a small boy throw a tennis ball at a girls face from point blank range. When I tried to tell him what he did was dangerous, his mother came along and warned me to mind my own business.

  4. Ouch, that sounded rude!
    Yes, today's generation have to learn how to respect well and the older gen have to teach them... Value based education perhaps.... one will have to simply wait n see...

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