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Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since I could write anything. I was kind of caught up in doing many other things. 

For all those who are married, how many times have you tried to surprise your wife with something on any given day? And how many times have they really been surprised at what you had done for them?

The topic of love languages is nothing new. There's this great book, I would recommend all of you to read, "The Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. The whole book talks about the different love languages of both men and women. The primary love language for men and women is quite different!

I had gone through this book a long while ago, but I guess you can say, I failed to use it when it came to my own personal life!

Two months ago, I decided to make a video dedicated to my wife to surprise her on her birthday. So, I went about through my archives and searched for all the photographs that I could find of hers and us together. I am not a computer expert and I really had to spend quite some time to do all the editing work. I used Windows Live Movie Maker. It’s quite user friendly, so it wasn't all that difficult but it still took time.

This last Monday, the 9th, was her birthday. I had bought her a new dress earlier and we had our second honeymoon trip to Goa the week before that. (If you are on facebook, you can see the photographs here!)

I waited till Sunday evening to show the video to her.
Check out the video, I had made:

Pretty impressive, don’t you think? I was very excited when I had finished making the video and finally showed it to her. Well, I was expecting her to be surprised, all happy and excited. She saw the video and yes, she was happy but not all what I expected her to be.
That got me disappointed. I mean I had worked on it for two whole months! But that's when it hit me, that this video wasn't her primary love language! If she had done this for me, I would have probably loved it and watched it every day! Her primary love language were material gifts!

Since I had already bought her a dress, I decided to go out and buy her flowers. This is a picture of what I got for her! 


I bought it as soon as she went out for work that Monday morning and then left it on the table of our bedroom for her to see when she got back. Later that afternoon, I got a call from her and yes, she loved it! She was all excited, happy and she said that she was doubly surprised! She never expected it!

Learning, identifying and communicating the love language of your spouse can really make a huge difference in your marriage.

Television broadcaster and Author Bayless Conley puts it this way, "Men, if you want your marriage to be sweet, you need to do the same things and say the same things you did when you were trying to win your wife. It doesn’t stop! 

My encouragement to the wives here is this: don’t let your romance with your husband get old, stale, predictable or boring. I know guys are supposed to be the godly aggressors and pursuers in a relationship, but there are a lot of creative ways you can respond to that."

So that's it then married people! Both of us have a role to play in making our marriages bloom! So let's not wait for the other person to take initiative, but let us do what we can do!

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  1. Enjoyed seeing the video and reading those very aptly thought out lines. Excellent work and very superbly said, presented - surely won our hearts, all the way! Hoping to see more of these wonderful posts.

  2. just came across ur blog now. lovely. :) god bless!

  3. @Eliz: Thanks a ton, Eliz! God bless you too!

  4. Hi bro! gr8 work! tho i cud not get to see d video as net's very slow 'n unpredictable here.But i read ur blog 'n i do agree with u on dat...It's indeed a journey to explore on long run! So, don't get weary 'n i remember somebody telling us dat Marriage love is a triangular affair- U, Ur Beloved 'n God! Benny.

  5. @Benny: Thanks a lot buddy! Yeah, learning and growing all the way! :)

  6. that was really cool, Dan.. she's one lucky lady :)

  7. @Pytho: Thanks Rosh! Still learning on impressing me lady!

  8. Hilda's friend Asha here. This must be one of the most wonderful posts I have read. So happy for you two! Just that attitude of wanting to please each other is so precious - learning the right love language is too, but will come if one has tried all the five some time or the other.
    I just finished the Five love Languages of kids by the same authors - similar lines. Very insightful.


  9. @Asha: Thanks a lot Asha! Yes, I have heard that book for kids is good too!
    Posted this one because I think this is something that is lacking in many marriages today! Divorce rates are going on high!

  10. Danny and Anu ur meant for each other

  11. @Reena Babu: Thanks a lot aunty!


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