Christmas - A Story of Trust

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With Christmas and New Year around the corner, I was pondering over what to write. And it was then that we decided to head over to the theatre. While we were in Bangalore, we saw "Jab Tak Hai Jaan" (It took me ages to get the name right!); with the star cast of Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. And later, while in Mangalore, after hearing and reading about the rave reviews we went to watch the movie "Life of Pi". The life of Pi was sensational in terms of the visuals and sceneries.

Something which I would say that I found in common about the movies was one character that was played out: The character of God; to be specific, Jesus.

And in both: the theme that was focused around Jesus was on trust. While for Katrina Kaif, she trusted Jesus would protect her lover and for Pi, he believed that God would deliver him out of the ocean.

It made me think about Christmas and the story behind it. For many, Christmas brings to mind the picture of a fat Santa Claus and his reindeer drawn sled; the many gifts that they receive. But then, we mustn't forget that this is the day where not only to say Christians but the whole world regards it as the day Jesus Christ, the son of God was born.  

And the story of Christmas is really a story of trust and faith.

To start with, think of the Israelites. Many were the prophecies regarding the coming of a Saviour. They trusted and believed that God would send someone to save them from their plight.
Then think about Mary; an angel appeared and told her that she would be with child even before her marriage. 'A virgin birth': something I doubt any woman would really be prepared for! But not for a moment did Mary stop to consider how having this child would affect her own life. She could never have gotten married. Who would have believed her? She could have lived in shame for the rest of her life. But she chose to trust and believe in God.

Think about Joseph, how he had to trust God for Mary who was pregnant even before they were married. He wanted to put her away but then after his dream, he decided simply to trust God.

And finally: what about the three men? They trusted what the angel had said to them and followed the star with gifts to see the new born king.

Yes, Christmas is a story of trust: Trusting God.

I do hold that while some of you may not believe in God and I am not here to force you into believing God. This is something that I had come across while on Facebook:

It is very difficult to come across life and say that God doesn't exist. There has to be a Creator who designed all this Creation- Life.
Author Erma Bombeck writes, 
There's nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.”

One thing that we know about children is that when they trust someone, they will believe anything that person tells them. Some thing that we can term, 'A child like faith'.  I remember this time when I was a small child around 6 or 7 years old. We were at home one afternoon and the sun was shining at its peak. All of a sudden, the light just dimmed outside and after a few seconds the light came back to normal. I asked my mom as to what happened. She replied, "The Sun just took a break, it went to drink a glass of water." Of course, it sounds silly but I believed every word that she had said. 

A few weeks later, I was out playing with my friends at school when the same thing happened again. All of my friends were surprised and were wondering at what happened. It was then, I stood up full of faith at what I was told and told them, "The Sun just took a break; it went to drink a glass of water." I got this weird stare from all of my friends and then, they all started laughing! I was thinking to myself, "Yeah, don't believe me, it’s the truth, I know, my mom told me!" It was only years later, I came to know what the truth of the matter was.

Now, that's a 'child like faith'. You see, when we learn to trust God with our lives, and simply if we believe what He says, there's so much more to life than what it is- Abundant Life. And God never lies.

May be this past year has not been the best for you.The question I want to ask is can we trust God for this New Year with whatever it is that we are expecting?

Victor Hugo from Les Misérables wrote, "The word which God has written on the brow of every man is Hope." 

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! The video below is an old one but it depicts somewhat the Christmas story, enjoy!

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  1. Aah beautiful, Danny!!! I am glad I came to your blog this day...child-like faith indeed! Very hard to develop but it is beautiful every moment I unwittingly achieve that innocence and that trust. Merry Xmas Danny to you and your wife and all your loved ones! May you all be blessed! So much love!

    1. Thank you Bhavana! Yes, its challenging in moments of life to be able to have that kind of faith, but if developed, it reaps its rewards! MErry xmas to you too!

    2. Thanks for the referral! In light of what's happening today in regard to women in the scoiety!

  2. Wonderfully written ! Came across your blog through Sundaresan :) !


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